To provide practical insights into the effects of digital disruption in business and society, and to deliver tools that offer measurable impact to drive strategic and operational advantages in the emerging digital economy. The focus will is on three areas:

  • Value: Exploring new forms of value in a data-driven world.

  • Trust: Redefining relationships and ecosystems through digital connectivity.

  • Risk: Balancing operational challenges in agility, speed, and control.

This initiative delivers substantive impact through a blend of academic outputs, practice-focused studies, targeted experiments, and problem-focused learning and development engagements. The result is to advance our understanding and reshape our thinking on how organizations and their ecosystems exploit digital data and define new business models of relevance in an increasingly digital economy.

Call to Action

Working at the intersection of social science and data science, the approach we take is to build upon the long history and existing deep insights in data intelligence, digital transformation, platform business models, and digital technologies to focus attention on the current and future needs of organizations facing digital disruption. This increases their competitiveness and ability to deliver better solutions faster with innovative approaches, greatly leverages the value of current investments in intelligent cloud-based solutions, and enhances their position and leadership in the markets they serve.To narrow our initial efforts, we have consolidated these broad challenges into three high-level research questions on which we focus:

The value economy: How relevant are our existing views value, and what new kinds of value are created, captured, and shared in the digital economy?

The future of work: What is the future of work when our workplace is increasingly being digitally redefined, the products and services we deliver are being digitized, and our diverse stakeholder groups are demanding new forms of agile digital interaction styles?

The impact of digital disruption: Why and how are industries and markets being reshaped because of digital technologies, and how should organizations respond to increase their effectiveness or create new business opportunities?


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