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Through deep engagement we develop research and teaching of relevance and impact across industry and government. We work with academic, business, and public sector teams to deliver research-led Insights into digital disruption and its impact.

How We Work

INDEX delivers substantive impact through a blend of academic outputs, practice-focused studies, targeted experiments, and problem-focused learning and development engagements. We are collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and work at the intersection of social science and data science, to build deep insights in data intelligence, digital transformation, platform business models, and digital technologies. We aim to increase an organisation’s social value, competitiveness, and innovative capability via three streams of activity.

Academic Research

Our currently active project are listed below.

Co-operative Models for Evidence-based Healthcare Redistribution (CoMEHeRe)

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Trusted Archives of Digital Public Records (ARCHANGEL)

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​​Next Generation Paper

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​Dynamic, Real time, On-demand Personalisation for Scaling (DROPS)

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​Digitally Enhanced Advanced Services Network+

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The Internet of Food Things

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