Decoding value for the digital era

Our multidisciplinary team looks at the coalescing of data with value, and its implication upon individuals, organisations, innovation and society. Our team brings together computer science, social science and engineering design perspectives.



We are a research centre. We have 
13 funded projects
running at the moment and 12 senior researchers on our team.



We share our knowledge, through
teaching and executive education. We also take part in conferences, panels and roundtables.


Practical use

We work with organisations to ensure that they are skilled for a digitally transformed future. We have worked with 20+ elite organisations. Why not engage with us?


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Call for proposals via DEAS Network+ Financial Services

DEAS Network+ is calling for proposals addressing a challenge from our industry partners.

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Workplace of the Future

Alan Brown joins a panel on how recent acceleration of digital transformation is impacting workplaces.

Webinar from

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Roll Up Your Virtual Shirtsleeves

How to keep your employees happy and healthy, from our Dr David Plans

Employee Wellbeing 2021


Three Turing AI Fellowships

Three members of our team (Brown, Lopez, Plans) have been awarded fellowships from the Alan Turing Institute, for the best talent in AI.

Team spotlight

Professor Alan Brown

Alan’s research is focused on agile approaches to business transformation, and the relationship between technology innovation and business innovation in today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy.

Alan’s profile

Professor Roger Maull

Roger’s initial research interest focused on Operations Management, specifically in the services sector and he has continued to publish widely on that topic.

Roger’s profile

Professor Mark Thompson

Mark’s research draws on practice-based theories to investigate the intersection between emerging digital business models, and organisational innovation and transformation.

Mark’s profile

Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen

Saeema has a funding portfolio of £4.6 million, and led two large research projects, Global Product Development, and Growth Opportunities of Danish SMEs and New Ventures in Emerging Market.

Saeema’s profile

News and events

News and events