Modules for the University of Exeter

MBA Module: Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (MBAM938)

The internet has opened up vast opportunities for organizations to globalize, individualise, and optimise their offerings. We live in an era of interconnectivity in which organizations can increasingly rely on advanced technologies (e.g., sensors, 3D printing solutions, mobile devices, and artificial intelligence) to offer digitalised and data-driven products and services. This era has been coined the era of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

But how can business leaders properly prepare themselves and lead their organizations into this new era? Any business leader needs to be equipped with essential skills to assess how technological advancements impact businesses in the 21st century. In this module, participants learn about the various concepts, strategies, and practical techniques that can help them effectively lead their organizations into the fourth industrial age. The module increases participants’ ability to understand the changing business landscape of the digital economy, and to build, critique, and implement innovative digital services that succeed within it.

In response to the COVID-19 virus, INDEX worked rapidly to replatform the module to 100% online delivery – offering a successful mix of readings, recorded lectures, wide-ranging open Q&A discussions exploring the lecture material, and questionnaires. Finally, we held online briefing sessions with our client, the Met Office, where participants had the opportunity to build understanding of the Met Office’s desire to develop potential digital offerings for the retail value chain, and start working up propositions addressing this brief.  This module was the first mainstream teaching module to be delivered 100% online in the Business School.

Information Systems (BEM2027)

Organisations run on data and information, increasingly so in today’s digital era. Managers need to develop the necessary skills to manage and exploit data and information in their specific business contexts. The aim of this module is to enable students to develop a global understanding of the most important issues that businesses face related to the implementation and management of Information Systems and relevant technologies. Students will become familiar with current trends in Information Systems and will critically reflect on their implications for businesses. By doing so, students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in today’s digitised business environments.

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