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We welcome the opportunity to engage with commercial and public sector organisations. Leveraging the expertise and experience at INDEX, we work in cooperation with leading teams around the world to offer research-led insights, deliver education, and engage in innovation activities.

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We work with business leaders, to:

  • Demystify modern technology, data, and digital transformation – accessibly, and using non-technical language
  • Discuss the practical challenges they may be facing in their industry as it adapts to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Share experience and insight, often building collaborative ongoing research and learning relationships.

These are few of the organizations with whom we have engaged recently: 

CADE Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen-Photo-by-Glenn-Parry


We’re frequently invited to keynote events, chair conferences, and contribute to public discussions.  For example, INDEX’s team members have: 

  • Chaired the National Digital Conference 
  • Begun a research project with a senior cabinet minister 
  • Keynoted a Pfizer summit in Paris 
  • Joint keynoted AWS’ Central Government Transformation Day in London 
  • Keynoted LocalGovCamp 19
  • Keynoted Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE 2022)
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash


We offer help with policy documents, seminars and workshops. This is research-led, so we bring deep knowledge to the table.  For example, INDEX’s team members have: 

  • Shared policy advice with NHSX, some of which has been adopted 
  • Run a senior management session on digital with AWS’ UK central government customers 
  • Developed two reports on AI and Robotics for The Emerging Technology series, Lloyds of London 
  • Helped shape the strategy for a major platform technology firm in the local government sector 
  • Helped shape the architecture for a new national counter-terrorist capability 

An exclusive opportunity

Over the next 3–6 months, we are looking to partner with one or two organisations. You get help analysing your data, and we are able to refer to this in our research.



In a landscape characterised by technology training, we focus on demystifying and building business understanding about data-driven disruption, emerging technologies and the digital economy – using clear, non-technical language to maximise accessibility.  We engage with C-suites in major corporates and government departments, deliver MBA courses on digital business, and prepare undergraduates to enter digitally-enabled work environments.  For example, INDEX’s team members have:

  • Developed and delivered the core content for AWS’ Global Government Digital Academy in London, Ottawa, and Rome
  • Run half-day workshops for senior leaders in Roche, and Pfizer, addressing digital disruption in pharma
  • Taught collaboratively on programmes with LSE and Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Run a half-day workshop for UCL Telecomms MSc students
  • Led half a day workshop for Imperial College MBA students
  • Developed and delivered an MBA module on Leading in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Taught on a range of Masters programmes covering digital innovation, and data
  • Inspired Summer School visitors to the Business School about studying digital technology
  • Design-led workshop on usability working with a large consumer headset company
  • Creativity workshop run with design engineers in a high-end large lighting company
  • Workshop run with Panasonic Global programme (via Imperial college) to explore the future of design and manufacturing
  • Fireside panel at Twitter headquarters: Working with advertising and media sector to understand impact of digital technologies for design

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