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Research Seminar Series

We are teaming up with London School of Economics on a significant research series! We co-founded a seminar series, DIIESL (Digital Infrastructure, Innovation and Economy Seminars London).

Find out more on the DIIESL website.


LocalGovCamp Lockdown 

LocalGovCamp – an ‘unconference’ for the local service community with an emphasis on digital enablement – has been going for over a decade, and offers an informal and mutually-supportive environment for a variety of stakeholders in the sector to come together, showcase and discuss ideas,…

Latest News

Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management 

A paper on scaling the digital innovation of 3D printing across organisations by INDEX Lecturer Dr Stavros Polykarpou, co-authored with Professors Michael Barrett and Eivor Oborn, has won one of the Best Paper awards at the annual conference of the Academy of Management (OCIS Division, Vancouver, 2020).   We’re absolutely delighted for…

Latest News

Alan Brown on Learning Rewired podcast 

This week our Professor Alan Brown builds on the impact of his latest book, “Delivering Digital Transformation”.  He is the featured guest on Learning Rewired – a standout podcast from Headspring, the corporate learning and executive education joint venture funded by The Financial Times. In…


Next Generation Paper: future book technology 

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 9.30am–2pm The British Library (The Knowledge Centre) Be the first to experience ‘Next Generation Paper’ and hear from the team behind the project. For more than two decades there have been predictions about the death of paper as a communications medium…


Public Sector Innovation Conference 

25 February 2020 One Whitehall Place, London Following the enormous success of the first Public Sector Innovation Conference, we returned to this important topic a year on and post the general election. In the intervening year we have seen an explosion of AI, the mainstreaming…