Systems and People-Centric Innovation in Healthcare Redesign: SPHERE

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University of Exeter

Principal Investigators: 
Professor Helen Dawes
Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen

Dr Chris Reid
Dr Ji Han
Dr Kristin Liabo
Dr Navonil Mustafee
Dr Nigel Acheson
Mr Jon Siddall
Mr Jonathan Higman
Professor Claire Hulme
Professor G.J. Melendez-Torres
Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova
Professor Mark Thompson
Professor Richard Byng
Professor Shang-Ming Zhou
Professor Sheena Asthana
Professor Stuart Logan
Professor Umesh Kadam

The Southwest of England has a population of 1.5 million in rural and coastal areas across Somerset, Cornwall and Devon. It has sparse spread but significant numbers of deprived and ageing populations with MLTCs, with the least number of healthcare professionals per capita. Addressing these challenges requires crucial research and innovation. The project is seed funding enabling the development of a full HUB proposal employing a systems engineering approach to transition to patient centric services for people with multiple long-term conditions. The Hub’s focus, co-created with our partners (patients/carers and health and social care professionals), will be on coastal and rural regions and improving coordination and continuity of care for MLTCs.