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Journal articles

Discombe RM, Bird JM, Kelly A, Blake RL, Harris DJ, Vine SJ (2022). Effects of traditional and immersive video on anticipation in cricket: a temporal occlusion study. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 58, 102088-102088. Full text. DOI.
Guérin SMR, Delevoye-Turrell YN, Bird J, Karageorghis CI (2021). #RestezChezVous : Importance des Habitudes Sportives et de l’Environnement de Vie pour Prévenir les Inégalités de Mal-être et de Sédentarité Pendant le Confinement COVID–19. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne Full text. DOI.
Mullin EM, Hutchinson JC, Mellano KT, Bird JM, Karageorghis CI (2021). Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health and physical activity among LGBQAP and heterosexual adults. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Karageorghis CI, Bird JM, Hutchinson JC, Hamer M, Delevoye-Turrell YN, Guérin SMR, Mullin EM, Mellano KT, Parsons-Smith RL, Terry VR, et al (2021). Physical activity and mental well-being under COVID-19 lockdown: a cross-sectional multination study. BMC Public Health, 21(1) Full text. DOI.
Bird JM, Karageorghis CI, Hamer M (2021). Relationships among behavioural regulations, physical activity, and mental health pre- and during COVID–19 UK lockdown. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 55, 101945-101945. Full text. DOI.
Harris DJ, Bird JM, Smart PA, Wilson MR, Vine SJ (2020). A Framework for the Testing and Validation of Simulated Environments in Experimentation and Training. Frontiers in Psychology, 11 Full text. DOI.
Bird JM, Karageorghis CI (2020). A Grounded Theory of Music-Video Use in an Exercise Facility. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 91(3), 1-15. Full text. DOI.
Bird JM, Karageorghis CI, Baker SJ, Brookes DA, Nowicky AV (2020). Ready Exerciser One: Effects of music and virtual reality on cycle ergometer exercise. British Journal of Health Psychology, 26(1), 15-32. Full text. DOI.
Bird JM (2020). The use of virtual reality head-mounted displays within applied sport psychology. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 11(2), 115-128.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Bird JM, Karageorghis CI, Baker SJ, Brookes DA (2019). Effects of music, video, and 360‐degree video on cycle ergometer exercise at the ventilatory threshold. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 29(8), 1161-1173. Full text. DOI.
Karageorghis CI, Bigliassi M, Tayara K, Priest D-L, Bird JM (2018). A grounded theory of music use in the psychological preparation of academy soccer players. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 7(2), 109-127. Full text. DOI.
Bigliassi M, Silva VB, Karageorghis CI, Bird JM, Santos PC, Altimari LR (2016). Brain mechanisms that underlie the effects of motivational audiovisual stimuli on psychophysiological responses during exercise. Physiology & Behavior, 158, 128-136. Full text. DOI.
Bird JM, Hall J, Arnold R, Karageorghis CI, Hussein A (2016). Effects of music and music-video on core affect during exercise at the lactate threshold. Psychology of Music, 44(6), 1471-1487.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.


Karageorghis CI, Ekkekakis P, Bird JM, Bigliassi M (2017). Music in the exercise and sport domain: Conceptual approaches and underlying mechanisms. In  (Ed) The Routledge Companion to Embodied Music Interaction, 284-293. Full text.
Karageorghis C, Bird J (2016). Under Pressure: Music-related interventions in high-performance domains. In  (Ed) Art in Motion III Performing Under Pressure, Peter Lang Full text. DOI.
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