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Journal articles

Mulligan C, Godsiff P, Brunelle A (2020). Boundary Spanning in a Digital World: the Case of Blockchain. Frontiers in Blockchain, 3 DOI.
M’hammed S, Baudry D, Mustafee N, Louis A, smart, Godsiff, Mazari B (2019). Modelling and simulation of operation and maintenance strategy for offshore wind farms based on multiagent system. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 30(8), 2981-2997. Full text. DOI.
Maull R, Godsiff P, Mulligan C, Brown A, Kewell B (2017). Distributed ledger technology: Applications and implications. Strategic Change, 26(5), 481-489.  Abstract. DOI.
Adams R, Parry G, Godsiff P, Ward P (2017). The future of money and further applications of the blockchain. Strategic Change, 26(5), 417-422.  Abstract. DOI.


Godsiff P, Maull R, Davies P (2018). Systems Behaviour and Implications for Service-Dominant Logic. In  (Ed) The SAGE Handbook of Service-Dominant Logic, 214-229. DOI.


Wood Z, Godsiff P (2021). Establishing the Core Principles of Servitisation for Application Outside Manufacturing. Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE 2021). DOI.
Kewell EJ, Godsiff P (2018). Digital Literacy and Datalockers: a Research Agenda. CADE, University of Warwick, Venice, 18th-20th of June. Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy Forum (CADE). University of Warwick, Venice. 18th - 20th Jun 2018
Kewell EJ, Mulligan C, Godsiff P, Maull R (2017). Programmable Money, Digital Gold and the Future of Blockchain:. Categorizing the Affordances and Expectations of a Promising Technology. CADE. University of Warwick, Venice. 1st - 3rd Jun 2017  Abstract.
Mustafee N, Sahnoun M, Smart, Godsiff P (2015). An Application of Distributed Simulation for Hybrid Modeling of Offshore Wind Farms. 2015 ACM SIGSIM/PADS Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation. London, UK. 10th - 12th Jun 2015 Full text. DOI.
Godsiff P (2015). Bitcoin: Bubble or Blockchain. Author URL. DOI.
Maull R, Mulligan C, Godsiff P (2015). Introduction to new economic models of the digital economy Minitrack. DOI.
Mustafee N, Sahnoun M, Smart PA, Godsiff P, Baudry D, Louis A (2015). Investigating Execution Strategies for Hybrid Models developed using Multiple M&S Methodologies. 2015 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim'15). Alexandria, VA. 12th - 15th Apr 2015
Mustafee N, Wienke A, Smart A, Godsiff P (2015). Learning Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Concepts in Offshore Wind Industry Through Game-based Learning. 2015 Winter Simulation Conference. Huntington Beach, CA. 6th - 9th Dec 2015
Maull R, Godsiff P, Mulligan C (2015). Preparing for the future - how managers perceive, interpret and assess the impact of digital technologies for business. Author URL. DOI.
Maull R, Godsiff P, Mulligan C (2015). Transitioning to the pull economy: the case of the UK railways.  Abstract. DOI.
Sahnoun M, Godsiff P, Baudry D, Louis A, Mazari B (2014). Modelling of maintenance strategy of offshore wind farms based multi-agent system.  Abstract.
Maull R, Godsiff P, Mulligan CEA (2014). The impact of datafication on service systems.  Abstract. DOI.
Maull R, Godsiff P, Ng I (2013). A systems model of a service organization.  Abstract. DOI.


Havard V, Sahnoun M, Mustafee N, Wienke A, Boulc’h D, Godsiff P, Smart P, Baudy D (2015). E-maintenance and augmented reality for off shore wind farms (Mer-innovate). Interreg,
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