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Journal articles

Polykarpou S, Barrett M, Oborn E, Salge O, Antons D, Kohli R (2018). Justifying health IT investments: a process model of framing practices and reputational value. Information and Organization, 28(4), 153-169. DOI.
Polykarpou S, Barrett M (2018). Pebble in Still Water: How Implementing 3D Printing Reconfigures Boundary Relations in a Hospital. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018(1) DOI.


Günther WA, Thompson M, Mayur PJ, Polykarpou S (2023). Algorithms as Co-Researchers. Exploring Meaning and Bias in Qualitative Research. In  (Ed) , Cambridge University Press  Abstract. DOI.


Polykarpou S, Barrett M, Oborn E (2020). Place and organizing for emerging technologies: Challenges of scaling 3D printing across a UK hospital.  Abstract. DOI.
Polykarpou S, Barrett M (2018). Why Place Still Matters in Digital Innovation: Organizing 3D Printing in a UK Hospital.  Abstract.
Polykarpou S, Barrett M (2016). Organising for digital innovation: Identities in Clash.  Abstract.
Polykarpou S, Barrett M, Oborn E, Salge TO, Kohli R (2016). The business value of health information technology: Towards a multidimensional perspective.  Abstract. DOI.
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