We’re all generating data trails on a daily basis. From internet usage to card payments, we all add to vast reserves of data. For businesses and organisations, this offers an opportunity to understand customers.

But, constant monitoring can have unintended consequences – effects beyond the theory. For instance, perhaps employees who are monitored start to change their behaviours to appear more pleasing, or high-level decision-making becomes warped.

Changes like these (and others) undermine your organisational objectives. Many unintended transformations come from analysing big data. Without you realising it, data analyses could shift and mutate your organisation, both systemically and socially.

Fortunately, you can become aware of these, and improve your own and customer experience. With awareness, you can see the path ahead more quickly and avoid the pitfalls.

Find out more, and dig deeper. Read Marta Stelmaszak Rosa’s thesis.
Big data analytics and organisational change: the case of learning analytics

[Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash]