By Dr. Tzameret H. Rubin

Working with industry partners is not something that I would say is lacking in my research, i.e., I should not be that excited about another opportunity, but this one is special.

Nearly a year ago we started to design a workshop with the aim: “to examine the effectiveness of firms’ business model, inform the digital transformation processes, and ultimately refine their existing and potential new business models, with an emphasis on integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles’’.

This is exactly what we published under our large research flagship project of DIGIT Lab. If you are an academic, you would appreciate how much time it takes to secure C-suite managers from the same firm, to come together and participate in an innovation planning workshop.

Today this happened. We did exactly what we said we would, and the beautiful part about it – is how insightful it was for us (to see the theory in action) and for them, to learn about themselves, and about where can they go. As we expected, data was key, internal (connectivity of data), external, new and unexpected data – are all key for their expansion of the current value proposition to a new one.

Inspiring day. Oxygen House and Stephens Scown, Exeter, UK

The team: Roger Maull, Prof Tim Vorley OBE, Jeremy Zwiegelaar, PhD, Qinglan LIU, Michael Fairbairn, Dr. Tzameret H. Rubin