Virtual Conference
15 June 2021

Mark Thompson chairs

In the 16th National Digital Conference, we will think about “leading in a digital age” from a number of diverse perspectives, with 12 inspiring speakers each talking about an aspect of leadership and digital transformation from across the whole UK.

The conference is being held virtually for the second time in the engaging and interactive #DigiLounge.

Leaders face new challenges as a result of COVID-19 and the rapid acceleration of digital adoption. The biggest of these changes are: the increased pace of doing business; the shift in organisational culture (and the corresponding tensions between “change makers” and employees with a traditional mindset); the new need for a flexible and distributed workplace; and greater expectations of productivity.

It stands to reason leaders need to adapt or improve their core skills to lead in this digital world.

We will focus on these leadership skills:

  • A transformative vision – the ability to anticipate markets and trends, make savvy business decisions, and solve tough problems in turbulent times;
  • Digital literacy – a general digital literacy, as opposed to hard-core technical skills like programming or data science; and
  • Adaptability – being open-minded and innovative.
This conference is at the centre of Digital Leaders Week, to which we are contributing a series of insightful talks.