Friday 14 May, 8–9 am

Alan Brown is a guest speaker.

Digital Transformation – an executive guide to the digital revolution.

This Friday, Alan will be sharing his thoughts on the changing landscape of the digital world and how executives can harness digital to consistently better the lives of their employees and customers.

Golden Marzipan

Golden Marzipan was created by like-minded people who simply believe in the potential of the housing sector.

When we first tried to describe our services, we thought of a Battenberg cake, four squares of sponge wrapped in a luscious layer of golden marzipan. Well for us, the squares in the middle represent the key change tools you want to make. Be it ‘going digital’, changing your processes or even altering your operating model, whatever the change it’s there inside that sponge. But it doesn’t come together until you wrap it in the golden marzipan, which for us equates to your people and culture.

Register on the Golden Marzipan event webpage.