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I am a Startup 

In a recent update to the executive management team in my organization, I was asked to brief them on my group’s activities and plans. We are a new team explicitly established to drive innovative offerings while working within a longstanding organization with a turnover of…

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Has Blockchain Lost its Mojo? 

The interest and excitement around blockchain technology seems to know no bounds. Every day I see new articles, companies, and announcements declaring its virtues. Even watching the TV I was astounded to see a 30 second advert finish with the bold statement that this payment…

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Talking to Technology 

One of the interesting threads running through digital disruption is our changing relationship with technology. As its “separateness” from our lives changes and evolves, we challenge our sense of self, and our ability (or need) to distinguish between what is human and what is not….

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Hey Dude, Where’s My Data? 

Taking back control and ownership of your data has recently become very fashionable. Worrying about online data management has long been a concern. From privacy and security of your personal information and credit card details, to wondering who is reading your facebook posts. The massive…

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Does WeWork Work? 

In setting up the new INDEX team at the university of Exeter, we very much see ourselves as a startup. A startup inside a big corporation. That means several important concrete things to us. One of them is that we live and work like a…