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June 21 1 minute to read

Digital Politics; reframing our politics for the digital age

Understanding disruption in our increasingly digital economy is essential for all organisations and institutions, including the UK government. The broad, on-going debate now taking place is highlighting the challenges we face as individuals and as a society …

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June 14 1 minute to read

Culture, Change, and Digital Transformation

The latest INDEX article has been published in D/SRUPTION magazine……


Now that standing still is no longer an option and change is a constant, Alan Brown explains why understanding cultural change is the key to successful digital …

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April 9 1 minute to read

Professor Mark Thompson on the Digital Leaders Podcast

Professor Mark Thompson, Strategy Director, Methods, and Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter shares how he got involved with changing the digital landscape in the public …

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April 9 1 minute to read

How One Company Is Using AI To Address Mental Health

With the U.K. facing a mental health crisis, the need to find a solution has never been more urgent. Exeter INDEX’s Dr David Plans, who has previously helped the NHS launch one of the first apps to self-report chronic …

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April 4 1 minute to read

INDEX Expertise in Data Science and AI Leadership Recognized with Three Alan Turing Institute Fellowships

We are excited to announce three of our Exeter INDEX team – Alan Brown, David Plans and David Lopez – have recently been awarded fellowships from the prestigious Alan Turing Institute with whom the University of Exeter …

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