In a new blog article published at Digital Leaders, Professor Alan Brown asks whether the recent acceleration in digital transformation is a significant permanent step forward or a temporary blip. Here is a short introduction:


The global economy is struggling to cope with the unprecedented challenges of the last few weeks as we proceed from shutdown to lockdown to an inevitable slowdown. The strategies and operational plans that seemed appropriate at the start of 2020 have now been cast aside. Financial projections and promises to shareholders have been torn up. But I would argue that we have seen a deeper, more long-term change. Something that I would refer to as a recalibration of the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.

So, the question for me about the implications of the current crisis on future strategy is not about whether there is lasting impact. Rather, it is how well you recognize the recalibration taking place in your environment, what that means for the strategic direction you are taking, and how quickly you can embrace the transformation necessary to thrive in the future that awaits. The temptation will be to return to previous ways of thinking and imagine that the current disruption is no more than an incremental push along the road to digital ways of working. It is not. It is point of no return.

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