What do frontline NHS workers need to use their time more effectively – especially in this COVID-19 crisis? A way to cut through red-tape and quickly communicate their needs to those who can help.

In partnership with Ropes & Gray and Methods Analytics, we have built a prototype for a simple communication tool: a survey that swiftly gathers actionable data.

Watch this animated introduction to the idea:

The survey asks 6 simple questions (with a mixture of multiple-choice and free text answers), and can be completed within three minutes. Thus, the user experience is straightforward, but the data gathered is actionable: it pinpoints precise issues, so that they are flagged for attention based on urgency.

This data arrives from staff across all levels and is filtered by the AI. Thus, the results arrive in a clean and easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard gives instant access to clear visual charts and infographics. These allow at-a-glance analysis as well as in-depth drilling into specifics within a couple of clicks, in the intuitive interface. Those free-text answers are analysed by a natural language processor, so that qualitative data is captured in a useable form.

The system has the potential to radically evolve communication within (and between) healthcare organisations. For example, the system could resolve one organisation’s shortage with another’s surplus. This is data analysis at its best: used innovatively to remove the stumbling blocks frontline healthcare staff.

This project was submitted to the Global Legal Hackathon, see our submission.

Read the full press release from Ropes & Gray