We need to fundamentally reorganise how public services are delivered and administered… and we need to use digital technology to help us do that.
– Mark Thompson, from Jaideep Prabhu’s new book

When the art of government itself is changing, the old political divisions no longer make sense. Join organisation expert Jaideep Prabhu on a tour of the possible.

This reader came away inspired … I put down this book more cheerful about the prospects for democratic government than I was when I picked it up. During these dark days, that is more than enough reason to read
– Giles Wilkes (FT)

A fascinating book. Professor Prabhu goes to the heart of some of the most difficult issues facing modern governments. In an entertaining style he describes the challenges posed by transformational technology and the new ways of doing business which are emerging. The implications for our traditional institutions may be profound. Required reading for anyone concerned by the way that public life is changing
– Sir Richard Wilson, former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service

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