24–28 July 2023, Bordeaux, France

Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen and Boyeun Lee are presenting a systematic literature review paper on Data-Driven Design, through which they explore the data-driven design activities observed in the new product and service development and the types of data utilised in New Product Development (NPD) process.

Ji Han is presenting ‘An Exploration of the Role of Creativity in Crowdfunding Product Design Projects’. Find out more about this study in The Role of Creativity in Crowdfunding Product Design.

Design and engineering are fundamental activities that interact in shaping the world in which we live. Nowadays, we can see a world full of promising technologies, a hyper-connected world in which information is paramount. However, the environmental impact of these technologies is a great societal concern. Sustainability is becoming a central issue for future generations. Design must therefore surely reinvent itself by embracing the broader issues of designing complex systems in a complex socio-technical environment with limited resources. In this regard, the ICED conference is a unique forum to discuss the academic, educational and industrial issues and the needed changes.