Co-creating value in the Circular Economy with financial services minitrack

Minitrack cochairs: Zena Wood and Phil Godsiff, with Kyle Alves (University of the West of England) and Scott Sampson (Brigham Young University).

The financial services sector (banking, insurance and investing) is crucial for a healthy, green and stable economy. Like most sectors, financial service providers are seeing opportunities to innovate their business models and business processes due to advances in digital technology. As researchers, we find ourselves at the confluence of three globally relevant themes: digital transformation, servitisation, and the Circular Economy (CE). This minitrack will focus on this confluence and its application and relevance to the financial services sector.

The three themes — digital transformation, servitisation and the Circular Economy (CE) — have many common elements but all ultimately imply changes to impact existing business models and are driven by data. This minitrack encourages researchers and practitioners in the fields of service science, finance, and the CE to address how digital transformation can help financial service providers facilitate and/or deliver servitisation business models. We welcome research papers, case studies, or practitioner reports related to development in all areas that explore the intersection of service science and CE within financial services.

We encourage conceptual paper and papers that report on lessons learned, on topics that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the role of financial services in the Digital Economy
  • how financial service providers can support and/or deliver servitisation business models which is based on payment in use rather than in purchase
  • how servitisation business models could ensure sustainability within the financial services sector
  • the link between servitisation and the Circular Economy
  • sustainable digital transformations within the financial services sector
  • the role of regulation
  • the role of data and/or decision analytics in financing or insuring for sustainability, green or zero carbon
  • the role of FinTech and InsureTech in servitization and/or the Circular Economy
  • how servitisation business models can help provide co-created in the Circular Economy within the financial services sector

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