Zoetis Business Strategies in Digital Animal Health

Principal Investigator:
Professor Alan Brown

This project aims to investigate the impact of digital technologies and new digital business models on the animal health industry.

INDEX is working with the Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive), a research initiative partially funded by Zoetis and managed through the University of Surrey. vHive is dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.

Our role at INDEX is to:

  • provide research and training in the impact of digital innovation in the animal health space
  • create joint training materials and modules (where appropriate) for a range of stakeholders
  • conduct research on business models and adoption.

Outputs include papers, presentations, online digital training and marketing resources.

This project brings together new Zoetis departmental initiatives and utilises vHive to access resources.

Case studies include:


The next generation of pet wellness monitors by Zoetis Centre for Digital Innovation. It is a small, non-invasive accelerometer that is worn on the collar, acting as more than just an activity monitor to establish a dog’s behavioural rhythms.

ioLight portable microscope

Both robust and portable, this microscope is ideal for fieldwork, yet has powerful magnification to clearly see animal and plant cells (a resolution of 1 micron).

The ALPHA initiative

This initiative advanced livestock health and productivity in three countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and Ethiopia. vHive successfully liaised with all parties and managed resource allocation efficiently.