We’re delighted that three members of our team have passed their PhD vivas in the critical field of data analytics and digital innovation.

Marta Stelmaszak Rosa has completed her PhD in Information Systems at the London School of Economics, where she previously attained an MSc in Information Systems and Innovation.

Stavros Polykarpou gained his PhD in Management Studies from the University of Cambridge. Before this, Stavros was awarded an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation from Cambridge Judge Business School.

Wendy Günther undertook her PhD as part of the KIN Research Group at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She also has a masters in ICT in Business from Leiden University.

These esteemed universities have gained three highly-talented alumni. We’re very proud of them and offer hearty congratulations!

Now that Marta, Stavros and Wendy have defended their vivas, they have a fresh perspective on their futures:

Marta: “I’m looking forward to using my research findings in the work I do at INDEX and see it feed into both research and practice here.”

Stavros: “Successfully defending the PhD thesis is only the beginning of a journey full of adventures, discoveries and interesting challenges ahead…”

Wendy:  “I can [now] focus all my energy and attention on the next chapter. I realise that I am still at the start of a long journey, but having successfully defended my thesis and having officially finished the PhD gives me confidence.”

Photo: Left to right, Marta, Stavros and Wendy