As the senior leadership of Police and Public Protection Team (PPPT) of Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (DDAT) division gathered on 31 March 2020 to evolve their vision for public protection in the digital era, Professor Mark Thompson was invited to deliver a keynote to help set the tone for their discussions.

Mark’s keynote was titled ‘redesigning public protection for the digital era’, and emphasised the paramount strategic importance of three key considerations.

  • First, the need to ‘take data very seriously’ in order to enable continuous, citizen-centred service redesign.
  • Second, the need to ‘focus and leverage’: ensuring that public money is spent on the things that only government can do (focus), whilst leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and services to the max.
  • Third, Mark underscored the need for architectural principles based on ‘accessibility’: ensuring that PPPT is able to interface with such infrastructure and services, as well as with value chains of service delivery partners for the future.